FB: Life (imprisonment) comes at you fast.

With this page, we say our goodbyes to Carol. Like Shanna and the other “Sepia” characters, she’ll actually appear once more after this, in an out-of-continuity rap battle that reinterprets the whole “Sepia” side of Guilded Age…but this is the real end of her story.

Jail and prison are clearly in her future, and HR’s death doesn’t absolve her of what she did in his name (“I’m sorry about your friend”). But there is an important sense in which she’s finally free. That newfound freedom is now more precious to her than anything, and the only way she can maintain it is to live by a new paradigm. She will not hide any of her deeds any more, no matter how dark they’ve been or how crazy the account might make her look. Hiding her part in HR’s schemes was enough deception for several lifetimes.

(Insider trading tip: if you haven’t done so yet, now would be a really good time to dump all your Hurricane stock.)