“You know cultists better than any of us…even though your track record of avoiding cultist traps is actually not that great.”

Ulak’s original dialogue: “It’s like all our nihilism was for nothing!” Maybe funnier, but it doesn’t fit Byron’s label of “This guy’s a thinker.”

The humility at the core of Penk’s character gets to shine a bit here. Even though he’s a warchief who conquered Gastonia mere hours ago, he has to accept that in this matter, he’s subordinate to his allies. Weo’s word means that only the Arkerran Five can stop HR, and the winter elves’ history of accurate predictions is still at 100%. Does it gall him a little to admit that not only he, but his whole Rebellion, can be of no direct help against HR? Perhaps it does. But because Penk is Penk, if it does, no one can tell.