The irony of this callback may’ve been lost the first time because of a tagging issue. Even though the Brad seen here is no longer “Private Brad,” we should tag him that way just so you know how to find him in the archives. He’s one of the guys who flatly refused to help a wood elf in episode 2, never realizing that wood elf would go on to become a Head of House and then a Councillor in the new Arkerran Union. Now he’s taking orders from that elf’s one-time assistant. His buddy, ex-Private Paul, can be seen near him in panel 1, bent over his work.

So yeah, the shoe is now very much on the other foot. But the new regime has a chance to be better than the old, even for those who aren’t high on the food chain. Kur’Ik is under a good deal of pressure, and that can make her a hard boss, but working from Syr’Nj and Faer’s examples, she strives to be a fair one.

FB: Look, Kur’Ik, you’re never going to generate any clickbait with that attitude.