Ooh, that’s a shock…no, wait, that’s Ashok. And so Ulak finally gets his just deserts for betraying his friend for Cultism, in which he no longer believes.

Meanwhile, Caneghem sits and scries on the people who meant more to him than he ever found the words to express. And now he never will.

To sum this page up: not everyone gets a happy ending, not even in the beginnings of a truly golden age.

(It’s a pretty happy ending for Ashok, though! And for Clair, it’s more a moment’s pause in a life still marked by loss but trending toward happiness.)

Honestly, I too would love to read the article that The News is going to run about Payet Best (and those other guys)’s airship.

FB: Somebody’s clearly feeling the pressure of Newlight’s fast-paced, 24-minute-a-day news cycle.