Gravedust is proud of his role in Byron and Syr’Nj’s happy ending. He deserves to be.

Byron once described “the gray luchador,” a mythical figure like the Grim Reaper, only what he does is give fighters gray hairs and remind them that they won’t be young and fit forever. And now the luchador has come for him. But he can shrug that off, thanks to the life he’s leading. As we’ll soon see, he’s retired from active ax-swinging, pursuing other interests more suited to his early middle age. His and Syr’Nj’s old adventuring gear is hung up on the wall, still available when they need it but no longer part of their day-to-day lives.

FB: The return of Byron’s micro-axes, first seen in the first Axemas special, is simultaneously a deep cut and a shallow cut. 

(Rachel would be pleased to see Byron still using her Axemas gifts. But they’re not the only legacy she left behind.)