John renders a particularly tricky mix of emotions in panel 1. From the script: “Nobody looks actively unhappy to be there, but they’re all about ready to sleep for a week.”

This chapter’s about tying up loose ends, but some of our mains had way more loose ends than others. At one extreme were Gravedust and Bandit, whose new lives demanded a lot of page-space to depict them. Fr’Nj and Scipio were on the other end, having basically sewn up their arcs already. But it wouldn’t feel right not to give them a little love in the finale, so here’s Fr’Nj’s little moment: she’s first to say what everyone else doesn’t want to admit.

As usual, John delivers on every reasonable detail we scripted in: the belching contest, the “I lovvvvvvve you, man” bit between Byron and Scipio, and the two reserved sippers at right. But my favorite bit has got to be Syr’Nj, who, like her husband, is leaning on a fellow hero for support. She hasn’t been drunk like this since the series’ opening arc. Once she couldn’t even deal with the memory of her dad when sober, but time heals most wounds, and now she laughs as she urges E-Merl to “make ‘im frownier!”

FB: “But then we just said ‘screw that’ and kept drinking. ‘My Travels,’ dayyyy… what day is this?”