Humor for your lingering New Year’s hangover.

“Here’s how I write jokes. Step 1: Be a dwarf. Step 2: Wait.” –Brad Williams

Despite Bandit’s confidence in Gravedust’s comedic abilities, this plan is reasonably solid because it doesn’t depend on them. All he has to do is last long enough onstage to spot Baron Splande and point him out to Bandit; anything that happens after that is irrelevant as long as it distracted Splande long enough for Bandit to get to him. Either getting booed offstage or getting through some improv material would work for that purpose.

So his instinctive understanding of his audience here is a surprise to him– not exactly a pleasant one right now, but it shows him that he can be something he would never have imagined being. That is a lesson he will need to learn if he is to save his people, in the end.