Sometimes people mistake your comedy for serious, sometimes people mistake your serious for comedy. You can try to clarify the message, but some of ’em just ain’t gonna get it. And all you can do then is roll with it and hope you’re still accomplishing a net positive.

In the original draft of this story, Baron Splande was going to turn out to be Ardaic in disguise, having concocted this whole scheme to observe first-hand how his two least-vetted Peacemakers handled an unusual assignment. Phil nixed that idea on the basis that Ardaic needed to treat them as if he trusted them. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have a fair chance to earn that trust, and Ardaic is a fair man when he’s not following the specific orders of an unfair regime.

I was cool with that but not really sure how to extend Gravedust’s routine from what I’d done on the previous page, so Phil stepped in to write both dialogue and action here.