Those kids have no idea how much they’re tempting fate just by going after Gravedust, after what happened to Sting.

I think the legibility of Syr’Nj’s writing may vary with your age: I’m old enough that hasty cursive was part of my formal education, but my younger brother started on keyboards when he was in first grade.

It’s unclear whether this letter ever reached Naror’Nj. After all (spoiler?) Syr’Nj and most of the Peacemakers will indeed be missing in action for a while after this, long enough for Bandit to recruit some replacements, but Naror’Nj doesn’t seem surprised when she turns up alive on his doorstep some chapters later. I think Ardaic would deal honestly with Syr’Nj about forwarding her mail, at least, even if he’s not overly fond of her yet. But he’s not the only link in the chain.

Maybe the Gastonian mail carriers decided to “lose” her letter rather than risk contact with a hostile nation, or maybe Naror’Nj did get the letter but simply decided his daughter was alive and on her way back home, resigning himself to wait until events proved him right or not. If it was the latter case, then he would not be the only family of an MIA case to cling to hope and denial in that way.

(Looked for “I know what I’m doing with my life” memes to go with this image. Didn’t find any.)