I mentioned before that Erica would add more panels than were in the scripts, more often as time went on. This one was originally four panels, and I’m trying to remember how I ever thought that was going to work.

Even so, different artists have different attitudes about these things. Jason Waltrip would probably have loved it if I’d given him a ten-panel script, because he finds head-shots the easiest part of the job. Gisele Lagace assesses each page’s difficulty by how many “heads” it contains, so she would’ve been much likelier to prefer fewer frames here.

We never nailed down the meaning of the varryn too precisely, but in most of its appearances and mentions, it seems to be a bigger deal than Syr’Nj is making it out to be here. Maybe not an engagement ring but at least an apartment key. I think that, having just contemplated how soon she might be dead, she’s ready to make a commitment herself, but she suspects (correctly) that coming on too strong would only scare Byron away. So yeah, sure, Byron, wood elves use nature’s bountiful excess as appropriate for anyone they just kinda wanna smash on the caj, no big.