I wrote this page, but Phil replaced my obvious “straw journalist” with Adam Sessler, who would do X-Play until 2013.

(Edited, see comments) Escape from Cyberia was not intended to be a Chekhov’s gun. It just would have seemed a little too weird for HR not to be discussing something the company was rolling out that wasn’t Kingdoms of Arkerra… even if this interview hints that his true focus is elsewhere.

Had our second plan for HR come to pass, he would have been having some version of this conversation with his family. Yes, family. I thought he’d be a regretful absentee father whose “world-building” activities were intended a gift for his daughter, trying to leave her a better world than this one even as he neglected her in “real life.” He would still be on a path to evil, if not already there, but the good intentions he’d paved his road with would have been more personal and less sociological.