Of course, WAV immediately tells Frigg this food came from Fr’Nj and that Fr’Nj has concerns. Normally, this might lead Frigg to refuse it out of spite, but she’s too far gone to care about that for more than a second.

Reader Observer wrote a few fanfiction posts in response to this story. I’m running this one a little late since I had less to say about this page, but it’s fun… and a remarkably good prediction of what happens on this page and after.

It has now been 2 cycles since the encounter with the Corruptor Beast.

After recovering my strength from the overconsumption of mass quantities, an increasingly distressful feeling overcame me. After making urgent queries of designate Fr’Nj, I was given directions and sent into the wilderness to look for a “private spot.”

I located such a spot in a ruined building and attempted to perform the list of actions given to me by designate Fr’Nj in the proper order. She stressed it was very important they be performed in the exact order given.

I had just completed action 1), Removing items of apparel below the waist, when suddenly designate Frigg rammed an asymmetrical but roughly cylindrical object on my head and declared, “Now uuur Egurrl” *here she suddenly vented excess air pressure* “nnn ma Rayshell sheee? Cause… hats.” *she pointed at her head* “Sshow get ready ta make wishtha MAGIC! HA!” She then proceeded to start grabbing me. It was like an attack, but didn’t seemed to be designed to cause injury. In some ways she appeared to be attempting some of the movements I had seen performed around the great fire back at the center of the Revelry. All attempts to inform designate Frigg that I was in the middle of a list of actions that had to be performed in order, and that I would gladly learn more about the local acts meant to replenish their spirits as soon as the list was completed, were completely ignored. My efforts to redirect her movements seemed to make her more and more agitated.

Unfortunately the increasingly distressful feeling that began earlier appeared to function as a countdown of sorts, and it seems that moment was the end of it. Designate Fr’Nj was correct. It was indeed VERY important to perform the actions in the proper order. Designate Frigg looked at the resulting mass from the error and said, “Thaas naaasshty.” and then proceeded to eject what appeared to be the mass quantities we consumed earlier, only partially transformed into energy, onto the ground. The sight and fumes seemed to trigger some kind of chain reaction within me, and I successfully fought to block this trigger’s control over me.

Designate Frigg starred at the combined masses for a second, then fell to the ground, now covered in oddly repulsive mass quantities, already unconscious.

I congratulated myself for correctly interpreting designate Frigg’s actions as not an attack, based on what I had observed of the Revelry earlier. Had that occurred even a cycle ago, I might well have killed one of my few potential allies in this world. And if I survived, I would then be alone, hunted, and/or deleted.

As I removed any remaining mass and replaced my apparel to its designated areas I contemplated the prone designate Frigg. Only a little over 2 cycles in this world, and it was already becoming obvious that of all my newfound comrades, designate Frigg would present the greatest challenge to understanding. And I needed to understand them all as quickly as possible, before an incorrect assumption about a situation like the one just experienced caused me to sever ties I needed to survive, or if the next situation was indeed an actual attack, caused me to be terminated.