It’s a nice little irony that WAV attributes his helplessness to his unfamiliarity with the realm. That’s reasonable of him to conclude, but this situation requires the diplomatic skills of a Gravedust or a non-grieving Syr’Nj, and even they’d have some trouble here.

And yet WAV still manages to help a bit just by changing the subject. Basically what Frigg needs more than anything is a reason to not think about the Rachel situation. Just as long as the distraction doesn’t make her feel like that weakling who needed to be saved. Which is why appeals to preserving her own health fall on deaf ears. She’s angry with herself, Rachel, and the Corruptor Beast, and only one of those three is here to take it out on.

My personal favorite comment, from Brigand Brigade: WAV’s hunch is quite pronounced, isn’t it? You’d think he’d stand more erect after finding this bold new land. Though I suppose it might be a phallusy to think so, seeing as so much tragedy has just taken place. And far be it from me to Dicktate how he should stand–such injunctions are the tool of people who try to make you feel like junk. If Wav isn’t feeling cocky, there’s no reason for any putz or pendejo to tell him off or jerk him around.