No, alt text, that’s “stagger.”

So who had “Despite his humility, WAV will describe himself using the word ‘best'” in the betting pool?

Definitely, uh, some issues of consent in this scene, which Flo was well aware of. Frigg is not normally deaf to those, I don’t think, though she’s not above calling E-Merl a tease. And we’re probably prepared to forgive her a lot, based on the fact that she’s epically drunk and under assault by grief she’s not remotely equipped to handle. Her two remaining non-schnozzled brain cells are desperate to feel any feeling she can cope with, even for a few minutes.

The ol’ “accidental suggestive collision” gag is sometimes good for a chuckle, but, er, it’s all about context, and it normally works better with a pair of awkward, fumbling teenagers than with battle-trained superheroes who normally dodge thrown weapons or bullets. (And that’s assuming there aren’t any behind-the-scenes stories to further ruin it for viewers.) This one’s partly justified by Frigg being super drunk and WAV being a total newb, but it’s also too intentional to really qualify.