Most of the guest strip artists who filled in to smooth out Erica’s departure could not resist making some kind of reference to the impending change in art styles, but Angry Buddha and Chibi X went the furthest with that idea. Those DeviantArt links are still good, but don’t contain much post-2012 material, so I couldn’t show you much about what they’re up to these days.

Angry Buddha (aka Matt Lebrun) would do another guest strip for us and take point in our efforts to produce a Guilded Age animated pilot. We got as far as recruiting a voice cast and doing an animated preview before reaching a point where we couldn’t cost-justify it. I’m not proud of that as it was the one Kickstarter bonus we didn’t fulfill and it was obviously a big one, but I take some comfort in the fact that at least we didn’t contract people to do work we didn’t have the money for. I’ve been lucky, but I’ve still been the talent getting screwed often enough that it’s important to me not to be the screwer.