Ahdok, who had already contributed to the “Frigg-White Queen” contest a few weeks prior, was first out of the gate when we put out the call for emergency guest strips. The result is another strip that could pretty much be canon, since we never really got around to using Splande again. Ahdok has a regular comics feature of his own, Socks and Puppets.

Whether they were intended to be such or not, Phil and I did regard any guest strips submitted this time around a bit like audition tapes. Anyone who both cared about GA enough to help us out and could turn a page of their own around fast enough was clearly someone worth considering. Those who looked promising, we invited to render Chapter 8, page 5… but more on that later.

One thing we left ambiguous in Splande’s original appearance that limited opportunities for a repeat was, who was he spying for? If it was the cultists, then maybe we did see him again, somewhere in those hooded crowds. But I dunno. After the big deal Brother Tom made about getting one noble on his side, he’d probably have done almost as much for a baron. Could it have been the World’s Rebellion? Harky might mistrust any info that came from human lips.

More likely, Splande was in service to a band of separatists like in “Call of Duty” or some distant trading partner with Gastonia, but bringing those groups in would have complicated the already crowded politics of our series.