Hey, everyone. This is Phil Kahn, co-creator of Guilded Age and primary site admin/moderator of comments. For as long as we’ve been running this site and comments section, we’ve had exactly one rule:

“Don’t be a jerk.”

It is a constant disappointment how hard this seems to be for some people. It is one thing to criticize the work. It is another thing to be a jerk (accidentally, even) and then recognize your jerkitude and try to make up for it. But it’s a whole other can of worms entirely to show up just to deliberately stir up shit. And that’s what we’re no longer willing to tolerate.

This isn’t a free speech issue and never was. We’re not Town Hall or City Council, or even a public park. This is our home. We’re hosting a party here, and disorderly guests cannot stay.

We will not simply delete your comments. We will not simply perma-ban you. We will RETCON you.

The user I banned today, I didn’t just ban. I deleted all previous comments they’ve made, and as a result, all comments that responded to it. I’m sorry it has to be this way, but that’s where we are now. The alternative is turning off the comments permanently, and I am wholly uninterested in punishing the good eggs out there who actually learned how to play nice with others at some point in their life. In fact, keeping the bad eggs in the same carton is effectively punishing the good eggs, and that’s something that we need to stop, for the benefit of the rest of you. We’re sorry that it has all come to this, but we see no other options.

So from here on out, we will not hesitate to delete/ban if we believe you’ve become a huge problem. We will, generally, still try to appeal to your sense of decency before we punish. But if that’s met with more hostility then, well, Retcon ahoy. If you disagree with this new policy, you are welcome to go hang out in some other comic’s comment section.

There will be no further warnings.

Thank you for your understanding, thank you for reading, and please don’t let this dissuade you from participating in the comments in general… if you’re reading this, odds are you’re not a problem. But if you are, we sure as Hell will let you know.

– Phil