I’ll admit I’m conflicted about preserving the spelling of “glenn” with two n’s here. Not sure if that was a rare spelling error, lettering error, or misguided attempt to be fantasyish with our spellings, but is it something we need to preserve for history? OTOH, correcting every little error like this we made– even though we made relatively few over 1600-1700 pages– is a daunting prospect. I’m leaving it be for now but may be compelled to revisit it later.

At the time I was composing this story, we were preparing to print Volume 1. In fact, the story was originally meant to be included as the bonus tale in that volume. We knew by then that Syr’Nj would be returning home to Naror’Nj and Faereksch’Nj at the end of Volume 3, so this was a good opportunity to go back and explore their dynamic before we tackled that story and brought Syr’Nj and Naror’Nj’s long-running feud to its end.