I’m glad we could give Naror’Nj a little more depth than he shows during his in-chapter appearances, and the older I get, the more I can identify with his blubbering in panel 3.

Faereksch’Nj is barely even recognizable as the same person we’ll see later. I think it’s because she feels that things are unfolding more or less as they should– she knows Syr’Nj needs to go her own way for now and she knows Naror’Nj will eventually back down. So she can let the two firebrands in the family tire each other out while she avoids taking sides, busies herself with busywork, and babies her baby. The next time Naror’Nj and his daughter cross swords, it will not be nearly so clear that the outcome will be good for their long-term relationship, and Faer will respond to that situation accordingly.

My only regret here is asking for the silhouette in panel 3. It probably would’ve been funnier to at least get a good look at Syr’Nj’s face as this shouting match dissolves into a puddle of awkward.