HAWM, Guildies. Since you asked, we’ll deliver: There is now an official World of Warcraft guild. Roll an Alliance character on Steamwheedle Cartel and look for Bigfrigg (Phil) or our 100% Certfied Rad Officers and comments regulars, Styrn (The Indomitable Eric) and Hawknote (Hawk), and say you came for the comic about wizards and elves and shit. We’ve got seven players in the guild so far, and if there’s enough people before my 10-day trial runs out at noon on 11/19, we’ll make it a thing and decide what it’ll be all about. We’ve already got seven of us so that’s a pretty good start! Come play, join me as we lol through all the changes since I left off during Trial of the Champions.

And if you’re already on Steamwheedle and don’t want to leave your guild, we’ve got an open chat channel (command: /join GuildedAge) for all to enjoy!