That’s right, Guildies, it’s everyone’s favorite holiday: G-Day! Our annual content patch for the site and all things GA to enhance the experience for you: The Guilded Age reader! We’ve got a lot of ground to cover, frankly, so let’s just get right into it…

Free things first: of course that G-Day graphic is available as a brand new wallpaper. Enjoy!


New Journo-in-Residence, David Wurzel – David is a friend of mine from way, way back in the day, back in a place called “High School.” It was a magickal, mystical place where they let you get away with murder because you technically weren’t an adult yet. I remember Dave as he was kind of vaguely… full of piss & vinegar at the ripe young age of 16, ready to tear the gaming industry a new one because the stupid fuckers didn’t know their shit (his words, not mine). We parted ways, like ya do, and later reconnected via Facebook and were delighted to discover that neither of us wound up a complete asshole. Now I’ve always thought about how much I don’t blog here on the site about stuff we like, because I quit blogging a while ago and have not a lot of interest getting back into it. So I remembered that Dave was an aspiring gaming journo, and our sensibilities are on the same enough wavelength that I can let him speak for me with confidence. So everyone give a big welcome to our new old friend Dave, he’ll be introducing himself today at precisely 12:07PM eastern.

T Campbell adds: As is widely known, I’m not as much of a gamer as Phil is. But when he brought me Dave’s samples, I immediately responded to the fire in ‘em. If you’re well into gaming, or if, like me, you’re really curious about it as an art form, you’re going to enjoy this.

The Guilded Age Wiki – That’s right. We’re doing this. It’s time for a Goddamned wiki. You can upload images, and even suggest your own ideas that we’ll accept as canon if we like them enough! Arkerra’s a vast world, and T and I sometimes have trouble building it all by ourselves. This is your open invitation to join us.

New Reader’s Guide – Are you new to GA and want to get caught up on the plot without digging through the archive? Well, we have a page for that now. Our New Reader’s Guide will catch up anyone new the GA, and even serve as a refresher for those that have been around since day one.

Entitlement on Guilded Age Plus – If you got a copy of Guilded Age Volume 1, then you got to read the bonus story Erica drew for Byron called Entitlement. Well, we were hankering for a new bonus comic to put on GA Plus and yet another thing to annotate, so here we are! It’ll start posting, but you can subscribe now to Guilded Age Plus to read that, two other bonus stories, over 45 pieces of concept art, and hundreds of annotated archives with pencils, inks and unlettered viewing!

Expanded Cast Page – You asked for it, we delivered! Cast page updated for your infotainment.

New Site Features – There’s a lot of site features that we, frankly, were straight up slacking on or never did correctly. So we’ve enabled the ability to browse by chapter by clicking on the link in the post, or through the archive page. Also, up top in the menubar, we’ve added a lot of nifty things for your fun and convenience. All of the guest strips that you awesome people have given us over time have been gathered in one easy-to-find place, as have our non-comic extra bits like the Swimsuit Editions. Further, we’ve added tagging by character on every page, making it easier to find your favorite pages. There’s a new DLC section that keeps track of GA Multimedia things like theme songs and the flash comic. And there’s also a support page that’ll tell you more philanthropic readers exactly how you can help this boat stay floatin’.

Updated Store – Last but not least, we’re finally making our new merchandise items available for online purchase in our new revamped store, courtest of Biscuiteer Alumnus Sam referred me to it vis-a-vis her own shop, Queen Tangerine, featuring a growing collection of collectible adorables.

Q & A Day – As is tradition on every anniversary and G-Day, we’re opening ourselves up for goold old fashioned pub house style Q&A! Ask us anything, right down there in the comments. We’ll be popping back all day to field answers as we can!

Phew! That’s a whole lotta stuff. All for you, the best guildies anyone could ask for. Thanks for reading, enjoy all the new site features, and tell your friends about us. We’ve got a great comic and a great crowd going with you guys, and all we need now is the hype. So stick around, we’ve got a whole lot more show for you. Happy G-Day, everyone! See you next March 23rd!