After a long wait, after toiling and slaving away at getting this show finally on the road after all this time… Guilded Age is proud to announce that we are Pending Approval of the Kickstarter Staff!

Didn’t we just make a big show out of launching on June 10th? Didn’t I, myself, claim that we were on track to get rolling today?

Yes I did.

I was also, however, in a state of gross misunderstanding of the Kickstarter submissions process, and didn’t understand that we’d have one more round of review to be processed through.

We’re sorry to jerk you all around like this, and trust us, the embarassment pays for it all. That said, we’ll be launching the project as soon as it’s ready, on that we can verily promise.

Today concludes Chapter 23. Chapter 24 begins tomorrow, with another round of DLC and comment avatar shuffling.

We thank you guys for your patience. This Kickstarter process has been difficult, but hopefully you’ll see that all the planning and time-biding and yes, false starts, will be worth it.

Thanks for reading.