“Uncool story, bro.”

And from that day ever after, Byron was properly “entitled,” even though it took him a bit longer to print up the business cards.

As this scene implies, pre-Peacemaker Byron is not a complete stranger to the pleasures of the flesh, despite later concerns that sex with Syr’Nj might trigger a berserker attack. This is partly because Byron’s curse would get easier and easier to trigger from Chapters 7 to 11, but it’s also because sex with Syr’Nj would mean more to him and therefore churn up his emotions in a way “wenching” and kobold-killing don’t. Not to get all Joss Whedon about it, but it’s different with someone you truly love.

This was Erica Henderson’s last page for Guilded Age, finished some time after she’d resigned as the series’ regular artist and our business partner, so it was freelance work. Still, it was a good way to go out: we felt very much in sync here. Next up: her last full chapter as part of the team…