Thaaaaat’s right, Guildies, THIS IS MOTHERFUCKIN’ IT!


At precisely 12:28AM tomorrow, the FRIGGSTARTER will come to a close, and what an incredible ride it’s been so far! I say “so far” because it’s not over yet! We’ve got 24 hours and 27 minutes to go, and there’s still more INCREDIBLE STUFF that we’ve always wanted a chance to produce, and can produce, with YOUR HELP!

We’re just at the cusp of hitting $17k for a 12-page bonus comic that’ll be free for all to see! When it’s done, we’ll even post it all at one time so we don’t interrupt the main comic. That’s just how rad we wish to be to all of you. And Hell, why not, backers will get it in a nice, convenient .pdf format for eBookin’ it up! Because we loves ya!

After that, $18k can bring you a 6th update per week for a whole year with a side feature we’ve been kicking around called “Ask An Adventurer,” where Guilded Age characters read and answer YOUR questions! We’ll be doing it for a whole year starting right after we get the book back from the printers, and if it proves to be a good addition to the site, we might just keep it going afterwards!

$19k will net all backers a 24-page illustrated eBook that we’ve also been kicking around called “Byron the Berserker’s Guide to Efficient Ass-Kickery,” inspired by the now-classic Worst-Case Scenario Handbook. In a way, Byron’s been writing it bit by bit every time he narrates. Maybe with your help we’ll get to bump up his publishing debut!

At $20k? The final stretch goal? You might not have heard but the thing is if you get us to $20k we’ll just steamroll right ahead and make Volume 3, where all backers claiming the $65 tier or above will receive a copy! That’s right, get us to $20k and $65+ backers will get THREE FUCKIN’ BOOKS!

You might think we’re all crazy for plotting this. Well you’re wrong. I’m crazy, and everyone else is just going along with it for some reason. I don’t ask why, I don’t wish to upset our delicate creative ecosystem. All I know is that we’re dedicated to Guilded Age and doing as much of it as we can with the time we have to do it in.

And you… you, you YOU lucky people are the ones that will carry us there, as you always have been. Continuing to be the best fucking audience in webcomics history. We’re eternally grateful for all you’ve done for us so far, and may do for us in the future. Our lifeline, our raison d’etre, our collective boo.

One day remains. Consider availing yourself of our limited edition add-ons. Tell all your friends and family. Go beyond the impossible. Kick reason to the curb.

Let’s Fuckin’ Do It.