For all my self-critique about the previous pages, I enjoy this resolution. Except for the way I keep calling attention to “Frigg can’t say ‘fuck’ anymore,” it’s all pretty solid.

Sorry for the ship tease, if this was in fact a ship you were rooting for or if the story awakened your interest. My headcanon is that Syr’Nj worked up the nerve to ask Frigg if she remembered this day and Frigg lied, “Nope,” with just a little edge in her voice that discouraged Syr’Nj from any follow-up queries.

It could have happened. In all the alternate-timeline possibilities where Syr’Nj and Frigg are recognizably themselves, they could have gotten together as more than friends. Frigg’s up for anything when she’s in the right mood, and Syr’Nj is more attracted to males on the whole, but what attracts her is a lot more cerebral than what attracts her sister. Had events unfolded so that Byr’Nj never became a thing or was sundered for good by death or madness, Syr’gg could have had its chance.

The biggest remaining obstacle, in that case, would be Frigg and Syr’Nj’s differing longer-term desires. It wouldn’t take much experimenting for Syr’Nj to confirm that she wants a partner, not just a lay now and then, someone who can share the burden when she inevitably takes on too much. And at this stage, Frigg is pretty much the opposite. She wants lovers she can dis without guilt. We’ll see her start to transition into relations a bit more traditional in the last chapter, but even then, it’s only a start.