Hail and well met, Guildies. Today (technically tomorrow) marks the one-year anniversary of Guilded Age. Six chapters, one guest week, and a year later, here we are: Guilding like no one’s ever Aged before.

So to celebrate, we’re going to hold a little Q & A! Ask us any question you want, and we’ll answer all the ones that won’t ruin future plot lines or incriminate our characters (T cannot go back to jail, trust me on this one). If you want to ask one of us a question specifically, just adress us proper.

And if you don’t feel like asking questions, you can submit your own Adventure Magazine Articles that we might find in this and other issues of Adventurers Illustrated.

Or make with the puns. Whatevs.

Thanks for being with us this long, and stick around. Chapter Seven begins on Monday, and I have it on good authority that it will be a hoot.