HAWM, Guildies. We’ve hit three years running now on this laborest of days. Frankly, we have some great things coming down the pipe, many of which involving a Kickstarter that’ll launch this month, one which we want to hear your opinion on.

We also want to thank you guys for reading throughout. The number of you I get to meet at cons has been steadily rising, most of you reporting that you’ve been reading since the beginning. That just means a whole helluva lot to T and I. We put a lot of work into bringing you the best damned comic experience we can, and it makes us swell with pride to know you guys enjoy it. We’ve got some years left on this story and big plans for the future. Here’s hopin’ we’ll have something real special on all our hands when it’s all said and done.

We have a contest to help us celebrate today for you guys. The prize is a free copy of Fortress, by Friend of Guilded Age Ray Merkler of Hindrances to Progress. Fortress is a game of strategy and tactics designed to be played just a standard deck of cards. Players protect their Kings with an impenetrable garrison of soldiers as they pit their armies against each other to be the first to wipe out their opponent’s fortress. Simple rules belie tons of strategic depth in this easy-to-learn, tough-to-master game for two players.

How do you win your copy? Give us your best headline for Adventurer’s Illustrated in the comments section. The best entrant as judged by Team GA will win the prize!

And as is customary around these parts, it’s a Q&A day in the comments section. Ask us anything!

Thanks again for reading. We’ll return to Chapter 18 this Wednesday!