FB: We all try to pay *some* homage to the spirit of generosity– even the most selfish of us make some token effort– but it was always going to be Byron who would pay it best.

Byron and Best are co-creations, and there are parts of each of them that are very “me,” but the parts that are very “Flo” are speaking with the loudest voice throughout the three- (or four-)page sequence that begins here. The personas, and discomfort with personas. The sometimes-irrational crankiness. The courageous emotional vulnerability. The abiding belief in forgiveness.

Those last two are values of Flo’s that I try to emulate, but…I’ve never had much of a separate persona from myself. And while Flo and I have both settled down a bit…she came out as trans, I got married…at the time this story aired, there was no question which of us was the more even-tempered one. So, yeah. This one’s Flo’s jam.