FB: While the Sky Elves might be willing to bend, Frigg and Best plan a bender, and Penk channels Bender.

It’s impressive that Penk can admit “a handful of sky elves can be as strong as a platoon of trolls,” though that might be oversimplifying it. The real assets sky elves bring to the table are the things they can do that no other combatants can do, no matter how numerous they are. Ten thousand goblins working in tandem still aren’t gonna engineer you one portal.

On the other hand, Penk’s last comment seems to be…well…trolling? Like, I can’t believe he seriously thinks Syr’Nj has been saying “Kill all humans,” when just last night she was talking “Peace between humans and elves.” Like, Penk, you were there. You replied to her. If she gets a few minutes to really think about this, she’s gonna realize you’re being willfully inconsistent.

Then again, Penk has some reasons he can’t leap too quickly to peace with humanity, some of which he’ll articulate on page 6, and some of which I’ll articulate for him.