Penk: “Okay, fine, we won’t kill Byron OR Frigg! See, I can compromise!”

Syr’Nj, via FB: “Look, defying a leader of your people who’s also sort of your father figure isn’t so hard! Just do what I did: gradually escalate your war of words with him until you’re saying horrible stuff that no ‘promoter of peace’ should ever say and then wait for some rando to shoot him in the skull, ending any chance of reconciliation! I… I may have some lingering issues there.”

Penk is most anxious about how Harky will take this, because clearly that’s the most important issue. But he’s also under pressure from the troll race, the whole World’s Rebellion, and even some of his colleagues, especially Goblaurence. Auraugu trusts Penk and is generally up for whatever, but he was just fine with killin’ all humans until coming to this mountain. So maybe Penk needs to provoke this argument, just so Goblaurence and Auraugu can hear voices other than his make the case for moderation.