Yep, it’s Syr’Nj the Sapling!

If you were reading these stories for the first time in their collected book editions, you would have read this story at the start of Volume 3, just before Chapter 13. If you read them online only, you would have read it… well, never, until now!

Had things gone according to plan, Volumes 4-6 would have featured short stories from the early days of Gravedust, Frigg, and Bandit. I got as far as writing most of Gravedust’s short story, some of which we recycled into Chapter 41. As it is, Syr’Nj really ended up hogging the solo action with this, my crossword-format page, and “Call of Duty,” but her backstory required more explication than Frigg’s, Bandit and Byron mostly revealed their past in other ways, and Gravedust benefited from a little mystery here and there.