To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Syr’Nj has pretty much always read way, way above her recommended level, picking up phrases like “hardy few” and dropping them into conversation. Her interest in military strategy has formed early too, and yet the line “War is won not by adrenaline but by logistics” can’t dull her love for adrenaline-fueled heroism.

At this age, the big sister decides what games the two sisters play, more often than not. For now, Fr’Nj will just have to do her best to keep up, and invent her own reasons why Syr’Nj usually walks away with most of the glory. A natural disposition toward command can sometimes manifest as simple bossiness in early development.

Creating excerpts out of whole cloth like this was much harder than I thought it would be. I wanted them to be relevant to Syr’Nj’s story, but not too obviously composed for that purpose. Most of them ended up leaning on some famous author or other for inspiration, which I then mixed with details we’d already established about wood elf culture. Even though Sita’Shn is a pun on “citation,” that’s only because “Sunt’Zu” would’ve been a little too obvious even for us.