See? Even Preteen Syr’Nj can share the glory now and then, especially if her poor little sister unconsciously guilts her into it.

“A story ABSOLUTELY NOT FOR CHILDREN,” the text “Copses of Corpses” warns. Of course, such a “warning” would be like catnip (or, I dunno, Miracle-Gro plant formula?) to the preteens and early teens most likely to enjoy its tales of bloody-minded vengeance. At this age, Syr’Nj would not be particularly troubled by its sexism (“our women and children”) or its jingoism/racism/nationalism. The adventurous mind can imagine itself as the best character in any story, heedless of any barriers of gender, race, or class.

“To the Hell Fires with…” is lifted directly from Conan (the barbarian, not the comedian), and a couple other phrases might be, as well. That’s not exactly an endorsement, but it shows that Young Syr’Nj has read “low” entertainment and “high” scholarship with equal appetite.