This page originally ran in January 2012, and I discussed its implications on the phone with Phil while John Waltrip, Jason Waltrip, and I attended that year’s MarsCon.

I’ll always have a bit of an odd relationship with MarsCon, however many more I actually end up attending (though we’ll be back for 2020 for sure, thanks to a musical guest that’s captured Janice’s interest). Most cons leave me feeling a bit overwhelmed and out of place because they have more guests and attendees than I can wrap my brain around and require some travel. But MarsCon is right where I went to college and like twenty minutes’ drive for the Waltrips. Even though I haven’t been a Williamsburgian for some time, it feels like coming home.

Sorry the market didn’t call for any buttons of Fr’Nj, Penk, or Shanna or any posters of Battle of B’ial Vezk, Battle of Pardo’s Village, or Battle of Purplezerkers and HR The God, but them’s the breaks.