This is the final annotated page of Guilded Age. We plan to make only one further update, a while from now, that’ll serve as a permanent “front page” for the archived comic. Other than that…it is done.

If you’ve enjoyed hearing my “creative process thoughts” and want to keep up with what I’m doing, I’m going to recommend my Substack, which updates daily. It’s focused on my giant crossword project, the Ubercross Abecedaria, and will be for a while, but I’ll be announcing any new comics series and other new items there for the foreseeable future.

I know this is a bit like saying, “If you enjoyed my cooking show, check out my history of medieval Europe”—interest in one of those things does not mean an interest in the other, just because they share a creator credit! But so it goes. I’m quite likely to do more with comics, especially with Webtoon, but nothing’s set in stone on that front yet.

About this page…even when it ran, I was old enough to identify with the “contemplating your mortality in the sunrise” that Gravedust does here (as the dwarves start to break ground for a more permanent settlement). And now, I’m…older. Old enough to be conscious of my limited time here, time I want to spend on new projects and new ideas, not just going over old ones. Doing these annos has been fun! But they’re about as much “looking backward” as I want to do for the rest of my career. Much as I’ve enjoyed my time in Arkerra…I’m looking forward to forgetting how to spell “Syr’Nj.”

Oh, hey, totally forgot we worked that one last Guilditization in. Hello, Gungier! Your story will be left to the imagination.