A merry Christmas dinner to all our vegan readers–oh, that’s right, they all left after this one.

Phil was the more heavyset of the two of us, so I sometimes followed her lead when deciding what was and wasn’t an appropriate “fat joke.” I think what makes Braggadocio work is his very healthy self-acceptance: his weight is not mentioned nearly as often as (and seems to be mostly a side effect of) his transcendent, transformative joy in eating. Life’s a banquet, dig in… or as my wife puts it, “Food is delicious.”

And boy, if you thought the kobold-skinning Tignos was problematic, here’s Braggadocio, who has now followed up his “Who counts avians unless you’re stuffing a pie” with “I’ll show you how to grill and filet a land shark!” (Not sure whether ents are intelligent in our world, too.) Apparently even use of language doesn’t stop this guy from declaring you potential food. Sure hope that roving palate of his doesn’t come back to… er… bite him, somehow.