The reunion of the team in a winter environment suggested a fresh approach for this swimsuit issue. Although Gravedust isn’t wearing a swimsuit, and I suspect Frigg isn’t either. She seems like the sort who’d do a polar bear plunge stark naked, just to show she could.

Best the exhibitionist won’t go quite that far, but we’ve established he can go nearly naked in these temperatures already. Byron’s in a sensible old-school swimsuit, Syr’Nj is in a more sensible wetsuit, and Gravedust, the really sensible one, has opted out altogether (as we establish elsewhere, he does not do well with this level of cold).

Both the nakeder swimmers are pranking their more covered counterparts, too. All in all, this cover does a nice job of “keeping the party going,” recapturing some of the immature nonsense of the strip’s early days.