I’m sometimes delighted by an unexpected line of dialogue, even though my editor-brain would register that same line as “out of character” and in need of adjustment or removal. It happened recently with Tim Taylor’s postapocalyptic DCeased, where Lex Luthor shows an unexpected flash of modesty in the middle of presenting his arguments to leave Earth. Intellectually, I feel like that line doesn’t really suit Lex’s usually unbreakable megalomania, but I laughed anyway. I have a similar feeling about the last spoken line in this strip: it’s not quite right for Syr’Nj, but nothing else would be as funny to me.

Gah’ri’s rather brief tenure with the team may have been an early attempt by Daniel or Kaye to join up with the group. I note with some amusement that he’s been rotated into the spot sometimes occupied by Bandit, sometimes by Best.

If you like what you see here, Joe Hunter has been most active on Twitter lately. In fact, his last post there is an hour old as I write this.