Love that last panel especially, as all the narrative threads “descend” into HR’s magicks. A great use of bird’s-eye-view when worm’s-eye-view would at first seem the more obvious choice.

I think this counts as a version of the general rule that if the reader is in on the plan, the plan will not go according to plan.

Technically we COULD tag Frigg, Syr’Nj, Gravedust, Byron, and I guess that’s Naror’Nj in panel 2, but they’re not really part of this scene. We could tag them as “The Five,” but I think that name and tag’s best reserved for the Earthlings in the tubes, who don’t really have another name in the story.

Fun fact: tagging HR is a little extra challenging, because his is the only character name that is entirely contained within two other character names: Shrev (the minor, not-named-in-story grunt who introduced us to elves before dying in Syr’Nj’s care) and Chrissie. The system also gives me a little trouble over the similar beginnings of “Frigg” and “Fr’Nj.”