I’ll talk about this chapter’s title later, but I still like it pretty well.

“There are certain recreational implications” may not sound like much of a pickup line, but it’s all in the delivery.

In fact, it’s arguably as sexy as these two get until the finale. A great deal of Byron and Syr’Nj’s sex life is left to the imagination. I had gotten a lot more explicit in previous series, relatively speaking… nothing I did was exactly Oglaf, but my artists and I had gotten pretty far into the depiction of bedroom kinks or just cranked up the steam, and the material I edited for Gisele Lagace went even further and added some toplessness.

And Phil, as I mentioned some time back, was less of a prude than I… but he was a bit taken aback when I started seeing Janice and alluding to how we spent our nights. Maybe that’s it: Phil saw me as a more mature type, and as mentioned a few pages back, Byron and Syr’Nj feel like the parents of the group. A little distance from their bedroom door therefore seemed appropriate. For the most part.

(But yes, they totally banged in that forest, they’d been waiting to be able to do it for ages, the Ur-Animals aren’t going to harass anything that just killed a dire bear, and it’s hard to think of a time when Byron’s been hotter.)