Bibli’Oh’s original name was, and I’m not kidding here, going to be some variation on “Google Reader.” Guglr’Dr, Ghewglreed’R. Raise your hand if you even remember what that was.

Ontology is one of the underappreciated sciences, no doubt. Where does The Architecture of Florae belong, under “architecture” or “florae?” Back even before Google Reader was a thing, we briefly thought the internet might have to be organized by categories like this, informed by human decisions or at least vastly different algorithms than the keyword-centered calculations today’s Google uses.

Dear Lord, let our children grow up to be courageous; let them stand tall and proud; let them outgrow our ability to protect them… but Lord, not today. Not just yet.

Remember how I said we were above just turning Sun Tzu’s name into a wood elf author? Well, I forgot that was what I tried to do with the original punchline of this strip. Phil made me change it. He was right to.