The nameless wood elf’s first word balloon here prompted an argument on my use of ellipses that it’s just as well you all missed.

Rachel’s offer to heal Scipio prompted more fruitful discussion. Phil and I had thought Rachel’s powers might lead her to displace Syr’Nj as the group’s healer (for which Syr’Nj would be grateful because, Jesus, she has enough on her plate). At this point in the story, though, it becomes a “why hasn’t she already” question– she’s had several opportunities to lay hands on injured or at least banged-up teammates. And, of course, there were other reasons we wanted Scipio to meet the town’s best healer. We’d follow up on Rachel’s healing abilities a bit in Chapter 26.

Gr’Zl must’ve remained in at least the periphery of Syr’Nj’s life as a “potential suitor” for some time after the library incident: he seems to recognize her dart on the last page and she’s referencing a long history of speaking to him here. Still, “ex-fiance” is a bit of a simplification, because Syr’Nj has neither the time nor the inclination to tell the whole story of their relationship or lack thereof. Sorry, Byron, this visit is going to answer some questions for you but raise others.

Title is a reference to the concentric structure of B’ial Vezk, several targets hit in the course of this story, and the eyes of the bullish Naror’Nj and what they do and don’t see.