Another posterrific battle scene. You see what I mean about E-Merl: nobody seeing him here for the first time would guess how he saw himself.

Auraugu threatens to subvert Syr’Nj’s straightforward arc here, perhaps emphasizing how reckless she’s being but mostly just being his own awesome self.

In response to this page, Closeph released the second of his series of first-post acrostics: “Frikkin irritating rabid savage tribals.” The others were “Friends in respectable stances team,” “Friendly Inter-species Rematch Showdown Tonight,” “Fight Invaders Regret Snatching Trinket,” “Foolishly indulging reality-shattering thoughts,” “Fighting invisible rhetoric-spouting thoughtguides,” “Fiery investigation reveals shit tonight,” “Falling into ravines seems terrifying,” “Frigg Isn’t Really Stupid Though,” “Friendly Indoor Ruckus Starts Today,” “Fleeing implies ‘rethinking’ standard tactics,” “Fail initiative; retaliate stupidly thereafter,” “Foliage intervenes, rescuing struggling teammates,” “Freedom inconveniently reveals ‘sexy time,'” “Friends, I’ve returned; sound trumpets,” “Firmly institute really shocking twist,” “False icons; resist such temptation,” and finally, “Fightopia invites robot societal takeover.” He (I’m assuming he, since the name rhymes with “Joseph” and “Broseph”) was sometimes self-critical, but I thought it was amazing he improvised these mostly within a few minutes each. You better believe my crossword-loving brain was all over them.