Harky himself is an avatar of Tectonicus, so you might think he’d be right in the thick of the summoning here instead of anxiously pacing its edge, or else right at the front of combat, clotheslining Frigg and Rachel and breaking their anti-tank defense. But his awareness that he can’t be everywhere and do everything is actually his strongest asset, as later chapters will make clearer. There are plenty of shamans here, and the battle is too chaotic for a single general or fighter to be decisive. The position of guard may seem like a lowly one, but strategically it’s the best one he can fill.

Good on Phil for remembering how aerobatic Harky can be, as seen in the opening move of his last personal fight with Peacemakers.

And hey, being able to joke about your trauma is a good sign of actually coping with it. Great marks all around, everyone.