It was during the process of drafting this page that Phil came up with the idea of Ardaic developing a thing for Syr’Nj, though as I mentioned in the Syr-Ardaic-Yalaria scene, I now perceive those feelings started gestating a bit sooner. However, Ardaic would not have admitted them to himself at this point. He is far too honorable a man to entertain the thought of romance with someone under his command, as Syr’Nj was until like two hours ago. I mean, his crush will cross some ethical boundaries as it is, but he ain’t Harvey Weinstein.

I think the rule-of-thumb timeline we adopted to arrive at “over a year” is that each chapter roughly equals a month in Arkerra time and a week in Sepia World time. Obviously that’s meant to average out, since some chapters with cliffhangers take place on the same day as the chapters following them. Even with that caveat, I doubt the chronology is completely consistent, but sometimes we needed a general sense of it.

Since Mega-Marshall Jarvis doesn’t speak for himself, Ardaic has to speak for him. And since Ardaic has to speak for him, Exposition Marshall Ardaic also has to do all the explaining of just what his deal is, too!