As I think I mentioned before, we had a story in mind that would show a more elaborate treatment of Gravedust’s “choice” than what we could ultimately fit into the text. But I think what we fit works fairly well. It’s fun to see him as a tow-headed, barely-pubescent boy here. Look how he holds his bloodstained sword, just like a full-grown, full-bearded dwarf! So cute.

I don’t know if the last couple of panels need much elaboration, except that it’s probably important they happen so soon after Bandit becomes field leader, her greatest level of acceptance by the group so far and arguably ever. If you’re a Bandit partisan, you’ll probably reflect that she does have a point: even now the charter members aren’t telling her everything (did they ever clarify their return from the dead to her? E-Merl found out, but he’s not one to stir the pot). If you’re more inclined toward Syr’Nj here, you might consider this outburst of Bandit’s to be a bit early, considering Bandit just got promoted hours ago. More than one way to look at it!

This page also introduced the Guilded Age Subreddit, which… a few of you enjoyed!