LOL you thought was Earth/Sepia World but was actually HR’s OTHER other universe, bamboozled again

In most stories, when a villain opens a portal to another realm in full view of everybody without safety precautions, it’s a mark of hubris. But Brother Tom knows just what’s happening and how dangerous it’s going to be. The complete lack of safety protocol isn’t a bug. It’s a feature. It’s part of the plan.

It was also part of our plan that we wouldn’t get back to the results of this portal’s opening for quite some time. That’s mostly due, again, to the lack of interconnectedness in Arkerra’s quasi-medieval world, especially before the sky elves start taking a more active hand. But it feels appropriate to our modern world as well, where the most dangerous thing often turns out to be something we don’t even think about much before it surfaces (cough, cough) [applies hand lotion].