To those who’ve asked why the Fans website is so glitchy and incomplete right now, the short answer is, I’m working on it. The longer answer is that the programming used for the site has gotten so old and unsupported that it just gave out altogether, and it took me a while even to understand the problem. I’m restoring it to an extremely basic format now, but because of the comic’s various formal experiments and weird filenames from years ago that I forgot about, it’s taking a lot longer than I’d like. Oh, AND my laptop is breaking, and while it’s insured, fixing it during the year of coronavirus is no simple task. I’ll give you guys another update when this is done. I keep hoping the next hour of work will be when things start speeding up.

Rabbit ended up being my favorite of the new characters this chapter, and yet my enjoyment of him peaked right here.

I was emotionally exhausted when I sorted out what he would sound like and how he’d think. I had always wanted to do a protagonist whose dialogue was riddled with rhyme, alliteration, and other poetic devices without being bound to a specific pattern of rhyme or meter, but Rabbit’s specific non-neurotypical mind has a rhythm of its own.

It was a rhythm that I found the most natural thing in the world when I was the emotional wreck that I was while composing this chapter, but then I struggled mightily to recapture it afterward, as if it were a vocal range that I could only hit when I had the flu. That wasn’t the only reason he, uh, didn’t get many scenes in a later arc, but it was a factor.