I asked John to look at later Will Eisner work and replicate his “borderless” approach for the fight scene. I just thought it would look nice. I’m glad it gives me the excuse to share the image to the right (a thinly veiled autobiography about the days Eisner was working alongside Jack Kirby) because it is one of my favorite pages of comics, period.

But this page is good too. In fact, to my massive relief, PHIL LIKED THIS PAGE.

Basically, this was resolution for Byron and Sundar’s conflict, critical foreshadowing for the next chapter, and a hopeful metaphor for Phil’s and my working relationship.

I’d love to leave you with that, with the image of me and Phil starting to smile through our Muay Thai fight as we remembered our common goals and mutual respect. But (sigh) I’ve still got tomorrow’s installment to talk about.