So as I mentioned earlier, Rachel blurting out that she loved E-Merl instead of the other way around had not been my plan or Phil’s plan. But a general goes to war with the army they’ve got, and it did suggest some interesting nuances we could throw into Rachel’s generally joyful character. Things have been going pretty smoothly between Byron and Syr’Nj since B’ial Vezk, so it’s time for these two to angst a bit.

I may have related more to E-Merl then, but I definitely relate more to Rachel in panel 4 now. Nursing wounded self-esteem back to health is a worthwhile process, but there are some real tough parts, especially during the times you’re not feeling so great yourself. Yelling always feels like a failure, but every once in a while it’s the only thing that gets through.

Phil honed the last panel: I had “That is a problem.” Definite improvement, even though I know it causes an allergic reaction among the areligious. Let’s give her a chance to explain where she’s coming from!